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South American-based International Virtual Conference
28 and 29 October 2021

A word from the Conference President:

This year, on the advent of the 25th anniversary of the World Federation for Neurorehablitation (WFNR), we decided to celebrate this important milestone with our colleagues around the world. The South America Regional WFNR has organized this virtual conference with speakers from all continents to discuss recent developments in the field of neurorehabilitation, as it did in 2008 when the SARAH Network in Brazil hosted WFNR’s 5th World Congress for the same purpose.

There has been an exponential growth of knowledge and technological advancements in diagnostics, research, treatment and bioengineering. Neurorehabilitation has been strengthened by a constant sharing of information among professionals from different fields, all focused, ultimately, on improving the patient’s quality of life, restoring function, and maximizing the patients potential for living their best possible lives. This ongoing discourse among practitioners and researchers, founded on experience and scientific expertise, has permitted the creation and improvement of guidelines for better practices and verification of scientific evidence through clinical trials and multicenter studies. WFNR has forged pathways not only for facilitating this work – but also for the fruitful exchange of information and experience.

We hope that these two days of interesting virtual discussions will serve to enrich your work and research and offer you the opportunity to interact with peers who have faced challenges similar to yours, have answers to questions you have perhaps been facing, or can share information that you have been seeking. By uniting around the same goals, we can make a greater impact on our practice, no matter where we live. We look forward to having you with us at this celebratory conference in honor of WFNR and all that it represents!

Lucia Willadino Braga, PhD

President of the SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals
WFNR Regional Vice President South América