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Young WFNR

The Young WFNR membership is open to healthcare professionals interested in the field of neurorehabilitation with a cumulative professional experience of up to 10 years. After admission, applicants automatically become members of the WFNR and the young WFNR Special Interest Group. This type of membership comes with a reduced annual membership fee of GBP 10 and many benefits.

Join WFNR at https://www.wfnr.co.uk/membership/join-wfnr
Join the Young WFNR SIG by contacting the Chair of the WFNR Young WFNR Special Interest Group, Dr Elia Fischer, elialuca.fischer@insel.ch

Following the mission to connect early-career professionals and promote research activity, the young WFNR has successfully launched a webinar series called ‘quarterly young WFNR research webinar’. The quarterly young WFNR research webinars offer early career professionals in neurorehabilitation the chance to present their research to peers across the globe. This exposure allows large-scale networking with people sharing the same research interest, which may ultimately culminate in sustainable future research collaborations. Furthermore, constructive criticism from peers and senior experts will provide speakers with inspirational insight in how to improve on their research methodologies and skills in scientific presentation.

The research webinars are free and are held every three months, on the first Wednesday of the month.  The webinars are also available on the website, to be viewed at a later date.

A similar webinar series on education in neurorehabilitation is in planning, with keynote lectures from senior experts about a topic and following matching case presentations by young WFNR members.

Members of the audience will profit from hearing about the latest scientific developments in neurorehabilitation. Moreover, the presentations may inspire early career professionals to pursue scientific research themselves.

Taken together, the quarterly young WFNR research webinars address the main goals of the young WFNR SIG: connecting early career professionals and promoting research activity in neurorehabilitation.

The young WFNR will also actively contribute to the upcoming World Congress for Neurorehabilitation in Vienna in December, www.wfnr-congress.org with a planned ‘Career development session’ and young clinicians teaching courses.